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  1. Robert E. Cullen
    November 24, 2016

    Just purchased a Black Pine, found in the back of a nursery in SD. I want to Bonsai the tree which is in a 1 gal nursery pot. It needs help in that dead candles and debris need to be removed, shaping, as well as a repotting. It has some great movement, as well as what appears to be a nice nebari.

    The question I have is, can I work on this tree, decandle, cut, shape and repot considering I live in North County San Diego at this time? Our weather is cooling down right now, although Santa Ana winds could come at anytime heat the days and cool the nights. New to the game and you seem to be a good resource.

    Happy Thanksgiving!!!


    • Eric Schrader
      November 25, 2016


      I think now through January is your best time to work on your tree. Keep in mind that you likely should not do heavy cutback, repotting and wiring all at once. Decandling is a summer activity, pruning is in fall and winter. Repotting is in winter. Protect your tree from hot weather after repotting for a little while. If you get Santa Ana’s bring it inside your house until they stop. When I lived in Thousand Oaks we got a lot of dry cold wind in winter, but I would only protect trees when it was very windy and warm.

      Also, you should connect up with folks who have local expertise in your climate since each location yields slightly different growing conditions.


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