I am a bonsai artist, grower, photographer and teacher. I grew up in Boonville, California, among beautiful redwoods, oaks and buckeye trees. My interest in bonsai has lead me to explore the mountains of California, Arizona, Nevada, Idaho, Oregon, and Utah in search of wild and wonderful trees. Bonsai is an avenue for exploration of the natural world around us as much as it is an art form that captures the essence of trees.

Contact Information

Email me: eric@phutu.com

I also get email sent to:
“contact (at sign) bssf.org”

Phone: 415-823-7984

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ericschraderbonsai/

Facebook profile: https://www.facebook.com/Eric-Schrader-Bonsai-104706931051372

Location: I offer services from my home in the Bernal Heights neighborhood of San Francisco. When you sign up for workshop for the first time, or contact me I will provide additional details.   I also travel for bonsai work by arrangement. 


Individual Instruction
Small group instruction – workshops
Study Groups
Events, team building workshops
Bonsai demonstrations, lectures and programs
Bonsai Sales
Bonsai Rentals and related service

Press coverage

I was featured on a short video segment in April 2019 on Mission Local:

Mission People: Eric Schrader from Mission Local on Vimeo.

I volunteer as a member of the Bonsai Society of San Francisco and teach both basic and advanced classes in San Francisco. I work on clients’ trees around the bay area and I work on my own trees and those of my friends.

My enjoyment of bonsai comes from making trees look interesting and beautiful. One of my great passions is to grow trees from seeds or cuttings into finished bonsai. Even though this can take a decade or longer, it is quite rewarding.

I was featured in an article on 7×7 magazines site in July 2015:

7×7 Magazine’s “Tiny Trees, Deep Roots: The History of Bonsai in the Bay Area

Screenshot 2015-08-04 22.12.04

In October 2014 I was featured on the website Gardenista:

Ask the Expert: Bonsai Basics with Eric Schrader

I was recently featured on a post on the website Gardenista! I was recently featured on a post on the website Gardenista![/caption]


Looking for another “Eric Schrader” from San Francisco? check this out: https://dci.stanford.edu/eric-schrader/


  1. Louis F. Carbone
    July 15, 2015

    I’d love to be placed on your emailing list or subscribe to your blog, couldn’t find a way to do so on your blog site.

    i enjoyed reading it very much!

    Thank you,


    • Eric Schrader
      July 15, 2015

      There’s a widget box on the sidebar – but it might not be there depending on your browser. Check the very bottom of the page on a mobile device. If not there then email me and I’ll help people sign up.

  2. Judy Barto
    July 15, 2015

    Hi Eric,
    Just found your blog, hooray! But something is amiss with the webpage, the subscribe option is hiding behind the flickr photos. You see it briefly when you go to the about page, but it gets hidden so fast you can’t get to it. I would like to subscribe, and will be reading the posts to date now.

  3. Gail Harrison
    July 15, 2015

    Impressive blog, Eric. I am unable to find the widget box on the sidebar. Can you help me sign up for the blog? I was introduced to bonsai about 5 years ago and am eager to learn from the best sources of information — your blog comes highly recommended. Thank you

  4. Steve Alford
    July 16, 2015

    Great blog, but I can’t figure out how to sign up to be on the email list, so I hope you will except this as such. Thanks

  5. Ian
    October 6, 2015

    How have I missed this great blog until now! Love your Artisan’s Cup Posts, hope you don’t mind but I’ve directed people to them from my own blog. Love the Index of posts, makes this a handy resource. Keep up the good work.


  6. Jim TheLad
    October 6, 2015

    Mr. Eric Schrader

    May I share your Blog Post and images on my Facebook Page

    Wirral Bonsai TheLad

    and a created page

    Wirral Bonsai : The Lad’s page Just For Fun

    Hope to hear from you soon keep up your Fantastic work with everything you do I am hoping to learn a lot from you as a novice Photographer for Wirral Bonsai Society here in the Wirral England Uk

    Thank you

    Jim TheLad

  7. Phillip Jackson
    November 1, 2015

    you do not make it clear on how to “subscribe to receive new content via email”. The link is not active.


    • Eric Schrader
      November 1, 2015

      Hi Phillip,

      I just tested it and it’s active. But, some people do have a problem seeing it. I don’t have any software that tells me what browser you’re using but I would be interested to know if you want to share. I’m going to post a tutorial I think since this is a common question among readers. Apologies that you’ve had trouble. I’m adding you to the subscriber list manually.

  8. Paul Shapiro
    April 2, 2016

    The email subscription box on the left side just worked for me. I ~immediately received an email from Eric/phutu.com and upon clicking the confirmation link was told I was signed up. So it works. Looking forward to occasional awesome emails about bonsai. Thanks, Paul

  9. Ryan Neil
    March 8, 2017

    Hey Eric,

    hope all is well. I was just down in the Bay Area this past week and the sun did us so much good. Anyways, as someone who is continually working to improve and promote bonsai across the globe I wanted to reach out to you and ask for your partnership in another Mirai endeavor to distribute quality bonsai knowledge with the technology available to us today. We are launching our new live streaming platform on Tuesday of next week, March 14th. We’d love it if you would help us promote it this weekend and Monday/Tuesday of next week. We will give you free access to the site for 1 month to test it, interact with it and would like to request you do a follow up post at the 2 week and/or 4 week mark to give your impressions of the site. Is this something you’d be interested in? If so we will deliver a media deck to you on Thursday with a promo video, written content and some still images to announce the launch and give some background to the project. We would then like to follow up for the 2 and 4 week review with some screen shot videos and video selects from the live stream and our interaction with viewers during the stream to further show how Mirai Live is a tool to improving people’s ability to design, grow, and understand bonsai on a higher level. Let me know your thoughts and feel free to hit me up with any questions you might have. We would really value your partnership in this and appreciate all you do for bonsai via the beauty of your work and the outreach of your blog.

    Thanks Eric!


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