I offer services for individuals and organizations who are interested in having a speaker on bonsai topics. Below is a list of topics I commonly cover. Your topics may also be suitable, please inquire.

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1. Long term development – from seed/cutting to finished tree.  I mostly grow shohin (up to 8″ tall trees) this way, but also larger trees.

2. Root over rock Japanese black pine, and similar pine species. Japanese Maples, Japanese Quince, crabapple are among other species I’ve used.

3. Exposed Root creation and process. This can be challenging with some species, but very rewarding with others. Paragraph

4. Oaks, specifically California ones, or similar species.  I grow both deciduous and evergreen oaks. 

5. Bunjin aesthetics – the nuance of this subtle style, with focus on creating good trunk lines, and refined sparse branching.

6. Mame process – I make mame-sized junipers, elms and pines, these are trees that are 3″ in size or smaller and take special techniques.

7. Junipers, Western and Ponderosa pines, and similar collected material.  I’ve collected Utah, Sierra, Western and Rocky Mountain Junipers from the wild, I offer advice, styling and services.

Services (all in-person services are suspended until government restrictions are lifted.)


  • Small Group setting – $480/day – 8 hours.
  • Limit of 8 students
  • Meals and travel to be provided.


  • Small to Large groups – demonstration and/or lecture – $325 – up to 4 hours.
  • No limit on number of participants.
  • Meals and travel to be provided.
  • Increase engagement with your group by having trees and materials on hand to enhance the discussion.
  • Some presentations may require AV and/or projection equipment.

Private Work

  • One or Two students – $400/day – 8 hours
  • Meals and travel expenses to be provided.
  • Work can be done with or without your assistance, depending on your preferences.