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Anatomy of a typical Shohin Japanese Black Pine from Kokufu-ten. The tree is about 8" tall from the rim of the pot to  the top of the needles.  The girth of the trunk is 3-4" but can be even slightly larger.     (A)The nebari descends at a steep angle and the bottom 1/2-1" of the visible portion is made up of fused roots. (B) Branching is very full.  The branches frequently obscure a large portion of the trunk starting on the second tier of branching. (C) At least some of the branching is typically added in ideal locations by scion grafting.  (D) The bulk of the trunk terminates around 6" above the rim of the pot, this is a logical place where the second sacrifice branch would have been removed. (E) The primary sacrifice branch is typically removed on the outside of the first bend.

If this diagram doesn’t explain it I don’t know what will…(joking!, see below!)

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  1. Mark Polson
    May 24, 2016

    Hi Eric

    Please add me manually as well. I can’t seem to activate the widget…

    Love your work!!!


  2. Benoit Klein
    September 8, 2017

    Hi Mr Schrader,
    excuse me for disturbing you .
    I’m a botanist gardener in France and I’m searching seeds of Pinus monophylla.
    It’s for many botanical garden in France .
    if you know somebody who harvest this seeds, could you say me ?

    Thank’s very much

    Chlorophyllian greetings

    Benoit Klein

    Ps: I have a trees seeds list , if you have interested I could send to us .


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