2012 Seedling batch

All these trees are in #7 Japanese Terra Cotta trainers – roughly 7″ outside diameter at the rim.

Shohin #1

About 7″ tall  wide, nebari with a 1.5″ trunk.  The tree could be cut back to the lowest buds to make a very compact design, or use the middle point as the crown and bend the smaller portion into a branch.

$325 plus shipping.

Shohin #2

Good even compact nebari, 1.25″ trunk, could be reduced either to the lowest buds, or keep the middle section of the trunk for a taller tree.  The main cut point is about 6″ from the soil.

$325 plus shipping

Shohin #3

Very good nebari and a good sharp turn right near the roots.  lowest Buds are 2″ above the soil and the tree can easily have a 1.5-2″ trunk with a 6″ final height.

$450 plus shipping.


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