This tree is 15 years old, one of my first batch of Japanese black pines. Formal upright is one of the hardest styles to get right, but there has been some good technique put into this one. I selected the seedling with the best radial root spread, then grew it in pond baskets for 10 years. At transplanting time, the roots were pruned to increase taper and reduce problems and crossing. The result is a root spread that is really excellent.

The first trunk chop has healed over almost entirely, while the third sacrifice is still in place to smooth out the transition of the second trunk cut. Primary branching is mostly set, and secondary branching on some branches has begun to develop.

Estimated finished height – 17″
Trunk diameter above nebari – 2.75″ to 3″ depending on angle/height
Nebari spread – 8″ side to side

Shipping estimate: $150

Note: Video and photos taken January 2020 – new candles now pushing strongly.

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