This amazing clump of Japanese black pine was started from seed, and planted right next to each other from a very young age. The intertwined roots make for a nice combined base. The flaking bark is already making it’s way up the trunks. The tallest trunk is larger and more dominant than the second and third trunks.

Age: About 10 years old from seed.
Height: 28″ tall
Pot: 10″ round Japanese terra cotta pot.

Price: $675 – SOLD


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  1. Scott Davis
    November 27, 2019

    Hi Eric,
    I just discovered your website and have been enjoying reading through your blog posts. Also looking through your trees for sale section and was wondering if the three tree bunjin Black Pine is still available. If so, is it possible to ship to Wisconsin?
    Look forward to hearing from you…thanks!


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