Site Problems

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Site Problems

There’s this great thing about having your own website, hosted by someone you are paying and administered by yourself. The great thing is that you’re mostly in control. The not-so-great thing is that other people do things that make your site crash repeatedly.

In the last couple months my WordPress install was victimized by some Russian hackers who decided to use the site to spam people. My ISP didn’t like that so they suspended my account. While the ISP could have just removed the offending malicious files and left the site up, apparently it’s my fault that someone hacked the site somehow.

Then, once all that was fixed, my site went over its “unlimited” bandwidth, mostly because of the hacking activity. I think AT&T has taught the business world that the meaning of the word “unlimited” is actually “up to the amount we think is reasonable.” In the case of my ISP the word “unlimited” means 5GB of data transfer per month…which doesn’t seem very unlimited to me. But then I suppose if they didn’t have some reasonable limit then Facebook could just use their servers instead of having to maintain their own colocation center.

Anyway, here’s to hoping that the site stays up for more than the next week straight!

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