During normal times…I teach classes and workshops, and I am available to provide programs for bonsai clubs and other organizations interested in the art of bonsai. Right now I’m offering the following:

Digital Club Programs

Move Forward with Digital Bonsai Club Programs!

Normally a 2-hour Zoom meeting/program where I can cover a chosen topic in bonsai. Just think! All you have to do is schedule the call, we don’t have to find a demo tree, and no plane tickets! I have material available for demonstrations that can be used for illustrative purposes. Check out my blog posts for some topics I’ve covered in the past.

Virtual Mentoring:

Want to work one-on-one to improve your trees?  While the current climate makes meeting in person challenging it has taught us all how to meet virtually!  Email to inquire about questions prior to your session. Get advice on styling, curating your collection or many other topics!. Check the scheduler for all available times, default availability is on the weekends – 9am, 11am, and 1pm. I can also schedule calls in the evenings during the week at a mutually agreed time.

Tree Services

I sell trees, and I help people find trees.

If you want to add trees to your collection but are not sure where to find them I am available to consult on finding trees. I also ship trees from San Francisco Bay area to other locations within the US.

More options…

Tree Styling service

Drop off your tree, Covid-style and I can wire, prune, pinch and otherwise perform seasonally appropriate maintenance and health activities. For recent clients I have returned trees with specific fertilizer recommendations, specific timing advice for the next work to be done and general recommendations for improving growing conditions. That’s in addition to making a tree more beautiful.

Feedback from a client:

Thank you for the beautiful trees Eric. I love the small simple look of the
juniper and neat looking Pygmy cypress.

I’m excited about another short juniper I want you to work on.
I imagine a marvelous transformation like the “shrinking juniper.”